Bekolite's Laboratory

Fully accredited for all the HID tests for NOM-058

HID ballast testing

Currently there are only a few fully accredited labs in Mexico that can test HID ballast for certifying under the NOM-058. Grupo Bekolite's Laboratory is one of these.

All lab tests are controlled by a Macintosh computer, which ensures that all the pertaining information is correctly and fully recorded. Further allowing improved accuracy, and better management of the large set of data gathered.

NOM-058-SCFI is the Mexican safety standard, which is required for fluorescent and discharge lamps' ballasts. This standard combines the most important aspects of both UL 935 and UL 1029. Besides verifying safety aspects of the product, the NOMs (norma oficial mexicana or Mexican official standard) are considered as a legal requirement in Mexico. The government agency responsible for the NOM-058, is the Department of Commerce (Secretaria de Economia), and DGN. From the beginning of 1999,the NOM-058 became a requirement for the commercialization of ballasts within Mexico.

For NOM certification, a product requires testing by a lab recognized by the Mexican Government and listing by the Certifying Organization.

The set of tests required by the NOM standard are:

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