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Bekolite has stood for quality and efficient lighting products for over half a century. Among being one of the leading companies in the field of illumination in Mexico, we have been one of the changing forces behind roadway lights. We were the first to put the ballast within the cobra head fixtures, to use mercury, metal halide, and high pressure sodium lamps. Currently we broke ground again introducing the metal halide pulse start lamps.

Rather than follow the beaten path, and being an engineering firm we have design our products to be the most reliable trouble free, energy efficient, and innovating than the common lights and ballasts. This implies using the best materials, processes and designs at our disposal. However, this leads to uncommon solutions that are superior to the norm.

For instance rather than use castings in most products we have used hydroformed bodies and reflectors. Hydroforming is usually reserved only for the most intricate and sophisticated optical designs. This allows us to use pure aluminum, free from corroding impurities such as copper and iron needed for casting. Continuing with our design philosophy, we further protect our products by anodizing our aluminum products. The anodize layer imparts a inherit protect that turns aluminum corrosion-free even in tropical coastal regions. Though all this would be hampered if details were not looked after, so we use only rust resistant hardware (screws, rivets, nuts and bolts).

Our range of lighting fixtures include products for architectural, traditional colonial, area, park, plaza, parking, street lighting, public lighting, modern, commercial, industrial highbays, and sports. However, having a wide variety of products isn't enough if these were not energy efficient. Our highbay has a 86% CU (coefficient of utilization, a figure of merit of the efficiency of a light fixture), while our highway lamps have up to 82% CU, and our traditional fixtures achieve over 70% CU.

Our electrical gear couldn't stay far behind, as each is individually calibrated and tested to guaranty high reliability. Besides we pot our electrical equipment in epoxy resin, which does not crack as polyester resin. This ensure that the ballast will be impervious to humidity, dust, insects and other agents that kill ballasts. However, potting would not be conducive to long life should the losses be out of control, so we use grain oriented silicon steel (the same as the one used in large distribution transformers), this in conjunction with oversized copper magnet wire allow us to offer very low losses (as low as 7 % in our metal halide ballasts compared to the usual 16-18 %).

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