Electrical components

Bekolite manufactures a range of electrical components in addition to its luminaries.

These save electricity and comply with the highest standards of safety in use.

Our main lines are:

Bekolite photo-controls

Bekolite Ballasts

Celebrating 55 years of technical excellence

Bekolite photo-controls

A photo-control controls the operation of a luminary, switching it on, only during the periods when natural light levels are low and visibility would otherwise be difficult.

We manufacture the only magnetic photo-control with an integrated fuse (patented). It complies with standards from the following institutions: Comisión Federal de Electricidad, Compañía de Luz y Fuerza del Centro, S. A., Electrical Engineers Institute y National Electrical Association.

Main features

Integrated magnetic relay which allows a more predictable operation and a lower number of failures than thermal systems.

Protected against lightning and transitory electrical discharges, by means of an integrated suppressor with the following characteristics:

Protected against unwanted activation by headlamps or other moving sources of light.

Range of operation adjustable: 1 to 50 luxes

Designed to allow easy maintenance and replacement.

Factory sealed to guarantee optimum operation and constructed with materials resistant to the elements.


Bekolite photocells come with a two years warranty.

Bekolite Reactor Ballasts

The quality standards for our reactor ballasts ensure that we can offer a product which has a long life (proven operating periods of more than ten years) and is reliable. It offers optimum operational conditions and low levels of electrical losses for the lamps.

Bekolite's line of ballasts includes units for mercury, metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. The integral ballasts are totally encased in solid epoxy resin and the remote ballasts are encased in a metal container.

For many years we have produced reactors which exceed the standards set by international laboratories such as UL and ETL.

Bekolite Ballasts have a prorated warranty of five years.


For further information about our products or the nearest agent to your area, send us a note.

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