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Celebrating 60 years of Technical Excellence

Celebrating 60 years of lighting technology

Bekolite has been manufacturing luminaries and electrical components during the last 60 years. Our products can be seen in many towns and cities of the Americas.

During this time Bekolite has gained a reputation for the quality, durability, energy efficiency and leading edge technology of its products. Examples of some of our current technology developments are........

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Luminaries for....

Electrical components

Our warranties

We constantly improve our products to achieve high levels of efficiency, durability and low electricity losses.

Each product is individually designed, manufactured and tested according to our rigorous quality control standards. As a result of this we can offer you the following warranties.

5 years warranties for all metal and mechanical components.

5 years prorated for electrical components.

4 years warranties for photo-control units.

Common features of Bekolite's products

We can offer these long warranties because all our products are designed, produced and tested in accordance with a rigorous quality control. Some features of the control system are:

Our design service

To ensure the best possible solution to your lighting requirements, we offer a design service to our clients. Some of the criteria followed by our installation designers are as follows:

For further information about our products or the nearest agent to your area, send us a note.

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