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These organizations are related to the Mexican standards for lighting

Direccion General de Normas (DGN)
They oversee the overall system of norms and standards
Comision Nacional para el Ahorro de Energia
An organization that promotes and regulates energy savings in Mexico
They help draft the standards, certify products against the standards and help enforce the use of the standard

Institutions and Associations

CIE: The International Commission on Illumination
Overseas and studies various aspects of lighting (natural and artificial)
Illuminating Engineering Society of North America
This is the professional body of Lighting Engineers in the USA Most of its membership is American, but overseas members are also welcomed.
International Association of Energy-Efficient Lighting
IAEEL is part of the Swedish Department of Energy Efficiency. Its core activities are the production of a quarterly newsletter, maintenance of an international contact network on energy-efficient lighting and organizing the Right Light Conferences.

Listing of lighting manufacturers and distributors

Alliance to Save Energy
An alliance of companies and government agencies to promote energy savings
Association of Energy Engineers
A gateway for exchange of information relate to energy

Sight and visual perception

All About Eyes
How to care for your eyes and prevent blindness.
Australian Center for Visual Studies
Academic center dedicated to visual studies.
Center for Visual Science at University of Rochester
Royal National Institute for the Blind
UK Charitable organization dealing mainly with blindness and visual impairment.
Vision-related links to academic sites and publications produced by the Molecular Pathogenesis of Eye Infection Research Center.
NASA Vision Group
Visual perception
Site dedicated to publishing research on visual perception.
3D Vision
Magic Eye 3-d. Brain teasers, self-help eyesight test.

Light and Lighting

Lighting Calculations
The Lighting Resource


Color & Vision Research Laboratories at U. of California San Diego

Inter-Society Color Council

The International Color Consortium

Munsell Color Science Laboratory

Energy Efficiency

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy APP-TECH
Center for the Analysis and Dissemination of Demonstrated Energy Technologies
Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology
Energy Federation, Inc.
Energy Ideas Clearinghouse
University of California Energy Institute
US EPA Green Lights Program
US DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network


Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Livermore National Laboratory


Optical Society of America

The International Society for Optical Engineering

Search engines

1st Global Directory

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