Luminaries for contemporary design areas

This family of luminaries suits modern urban and architectural environments. They are designed to light pedestrian areas and roads with light traffic. They provide a pleasant and uniformly lit environment, where users can move about safely and comfortably.

Our modern design luminaries


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Bekotron ®

Typical applications are shopping malls, new urban developments, hospitals, parks and pedestrian areas.

Its spherical design makes it suitable for modern architecture areas.

Main characteristics

The Bekotron produces a symmetrical and controlled light distribution by means of its reflector disks. This design avoids glare and achieves a high degree of efficiency.

Spherical acrylic construction mounted on a cast aluminum base.
Acrylic spheres (which do not yellow on aging) can be supplied in smoke, clear or opalescent and for pole diameters of 53.5 cm or 64.5 cm.

Integrated ballast with a prorated warranty of five years.

Recommended lamps up to: 400 W mercury gas, high pressure sodium, or metal halide.

Recommended mounting heights: 4 to 9 meters.
Recommended maximum road width: 10 meters, depending on the inter-postal separation


Bekotron with a clear acrylic sphere

Catalog Code: BOA

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